File Upload Forms
File Upload Forms

Simplify File Uploads with OpnForm

OpnForm's File Upload Form Templates make it simple to collect files from your users. Create fully branded forms, receive email notifications, and integrate with Zapier or webhooks for seamless file management. Explore OpnForm's open-source form builder now!

Alumni Photo and Story Submission Form Template

Capture and share memorable moments and experiences from our alumni community through photo and story submissions.

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Need to collect files from your users? OpnForm's File Upload Form Templates make it easy! Whether you're running a photography contest, accepting job applications, or gathering design submissions, OpnForm has you covered. With OpnForm's open-source form builder, you can create custom file upload forms, fully branded with your own style. Allow your users to easily upload files, while you receive email notifications with the submissions. Use OpnForm's integration with Zapier or webhooks to automatically send the files to your preferred storage solution. Plus, with OpnForm's advanced features like password protection, custom code integration, and form pre-filling, you can create a secure and personalized experience for your users.