Alumni Forms
Alumni Forms

Unlock the Potential of Your Alumni Community with OpnForm

Discover how OpnForm empowers educational institutions, alumni associations, and professional networking groups to streamline alumni data collection, feedback gathering, and event organization. With our Alumni Form Templates, easily create customized forms, receive email notifications, integrate with popular tools, and enhance security measures. Start engaging with your alumni community like never before!

Graduation RSVP & Guest Registration Template

Effortlessly RSVP and register guests for your graduation ceremony with this user-friendly form template.

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Alumni Yearbook Submission Form Template

Capture memories from alumni by collecting their graduation yearbook submissions.

Registration Forms Alumni Forms +2

Alumni Photo and Story Submission Form Template

Capture and share memorable moments and experiences from our alumni community through photo and story submissions.

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Alumni Awards Nomination Template

Recognize outstanding alumni achievements by submitting nominations through our Alumni Awards Nomination Form.

Award Forms Education Forms +1

Alumni Transcript Request Form Template

Streamline alumni transcript requests with our easy-to-use online form template.

Request Forms +2Education Forms +1

Alumni Travel Interest Survey Template

Capture alumni travel interests and preferences to plan organized alumni trips.

Survey Templates +2Alumni Forms

Alumni Volunteer Sign-Up Template

Connect and engage with alumni volunteers through this sign-up form.

Volunteer Forms Alumni Forms +1

Alumni Reunion RSVP and Information Form Template

Capture RSVP and gather information for an upcoming Alumni Reunion with this convenient online form template.

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Alumni Association Membership Renewal Template

Effortlessly renew your membership with the Alumni Association through our streamlined online form.

Membership Forms +2Alumni Forms +1

Alumni Chapter Registration Form Template

Register your regional alumni group with our Alumni Chapter Registration Form template.

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Alumni Newsletter Subscription Form Template

Stay connected with our alumni community by subscribing to our newsletter.

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Alumni Testimonial Submission Form Template

Capture and showcase alumni testimonials with ease using our Alumni Testimonial Submission Form.

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Alumni Donation and Fundraising Form Template

Effortlessly collect alumni donations and manage fundraising campaigns with our Alumni Donation and Fundraising Form template.

Donation Forms Alumni Forms +2

Alumni Mentorship Program Application Form Template

Connect alumni with students through our streamlined application form for our Mentorship Program.

Application Forms +1Education Forms +2

Alumni Scholarship Application Form Template

Apply for alumni scholarships with our streamlined online form.

Application Forms Education Forms +1

Alumni Feedback and Suggestions Form Template

Gather valuable feedback and suggestions from alumni with our Alumni Survey form template.

Feedback Forms +1Alumni Forms +2

Alumni Event Registration Form Template

Register for upcoming alumni events with our convenient and user-friendly form.

Event Registration Forms +1Alumni Forms +1

Alumni Contact Update Form Template

Update and maintain contact information for alumni effortlessly with our Alumni Contact Information Update Form.

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Are you an educational institution, alumni association, or a professional networking group? Our Alumni Form Templates are designed to help you easily collect information from your alumni community. Whether you want to update contact details, gather feedback, or organize events, OpnForm provides a user-friendly platform to create and manage your forms. With our customizable templates, you can collect alumni data, track engagement, and improve communication effortlessly. OpnForm offers a wide range of features, including email notifications for both the form owner and submitter, fully customizable branding, the ability to host forms on a custom domain, and seamless integration with various tools such as Slack, Discord, and Zapier. Protect your forms with passwords, add captchas for enhanced security, and even allow respondents to edit their own submissions. Explore our Alumni Form Templates below and start connecting with your alumni community today!