Alumni Photo and Story Submission Form Template
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Alumni Photo and Story Submission Form Template

Capture and share memorable moments and experiences from our alumni community through photo and story submissions.

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Alumni Photo and Story Submission Form

Thank you for sharing your photo and story with us. We are excited to hear about your journey after graduation. Please fill out the form below.

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Please upload a high-quality photo of yourself.
Tell us about your experience at our university.

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Alumni Photo and Story Submission Form

This form template is designed for alumni to submit their photos and stories to share with the community.

Why and When to Use This Form

This form is useful when you want to collect and showcase the achievements, experiences, and memories of your alumni. By providing a platform for them to share their photos and stories, you can strengthen the bond within your alumni community and inspire current students and future alumni.

Target Audience and Benefits

This form is intended for alumni of your organization, school, or institution. By creating this form, you encourage alumni engagement and empower them to contribute to the success and growth of your community. It's a great idea to build this form because it allows you to collect a wide range of unique stories and experiences, creating a rich and diverse collection that reflects the impact of your organization on individuals' lives.

Why Choose OpnForm

OpnForm is the perfect tool to build this form for several reasons:

  • Easy duplication: With OpnForm, you can easily duplicate this template in just a few seconds, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Integration capabilities: OpnForm provides seamless integration with various tools through our webhook or Zapier integration. This enables you to automate workflows, connect with your preferred apps, and streamline your data collection process.
  • User-friendly interface: OpnForm offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to customize and design your form according to your needs, without requiring any coding skills.
  • Data management: OpnForm provides robust data management features, allowing you to easily organize, analyze, and export the data collected through this form.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about this template.

When should I use this form template?
You should use this form template when you want to collect and showcase photos and stories from your alumni community.
Why is it important to have a form for alumni photo and story submissions?
Having a dedicated form allows you to centralize and organize the submissions, making it easier to manage and share the content with your community.
Who is the target audience for this form?
The target audience for this form is the alumni of your organization, school, or institution.
Why is OpnForm the best option to build this form?
OpnForm is the best option because it is an open-source form builder that can be used for free. It also offers integrations with other tools through webhooks and Zapier, allowing you to connect and automate various workflows.
What are the advantages of using OpnForm?
The advantages of using OpnForm include easy duplication of form templates, a user-friendly interface for customization, robust data management capabilities, and the ability to integrate with other tools.
Can I customize the form design and layout with OpnForm?
Yes, OpnForm provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to customize the form design and layout according to your preferences, without requiring any coding skills.

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