Alumni Awards Nomination Template
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Alumni Awards Nomination Template

Recognize outstanding alumni achievements by submitting nominations through our Alumni Awards Nomination Form.

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Alumni Awards Nomination Form

Please fill in the following information to nominate an alumni for an award.

Outstanding Achievement

Community Service


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This form template is designed for the Alumni Awards Nomination. It allows individuals to nominate outstanding alumni for recognition and honor.

When to Use

The Alumni Awards Nomination Form is used when you want to gather nominations for exceptional alumni who have made significant contributions in their field or community. It can be used for annual awards ceremonies, alumni reunions, or other special events.

Target Audience

This form is ideal for alumni associations, educational institutions, or organizations that wish to recognize and celebrate the achievements of their alumni. By involving the alumni community, it helps foster a sense of pride and connection.

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OpnForm provides the perfect solution for building the Alumni Awards Nomination Form. With OpnForm, you can quickly duplicate this template and customize it to suit your specific requirements. Additionally, OpnForm offers seamless integration with various tools, including webhooks and Zapier. This ensures that you can easily automate data transfer and streamline your nomination process.

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