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2024 McDonald County Happenings Outdoor Market Sign-Up

Thanks for your interest in the 2024 "McDonald County Happenings" Outdoor Market! Every 4th Saturday from April to September at Wood Motor Company in Jane. Every 2nd Saturday at a selected community/location throughout McDonald County.

We'll only use this to send you event updates.


  • Cost is for all 12 events listed below. NO ADDITIONAL FEES!
  • There are no weather make-up dates. While temps will usually not cause any adjustments, rain can.
  • We will always err on the side of safety and caution. (Watch your email for last minute weather changes)
  • 2nd Saturday events and times are subject to the control of the various communities. 
  • Fees cover your booth space, marketing of the event, Porta-Potties as needed & a 1-year McDonald County Chamber membership.

One (1) 10x10 Booth - $200

Two (2) 10x10 Booths - $325

One (1) Premium 10x10 Booth - $275

Two (2) Premium 10x10 Booths - $450

Food Truck - $300 (No Power)


  • ALL 4th Saturday Happenings run from 8am - 1pm. 
  • The 2nd Saturday events will vary in times based on the individual communities. 
  • Each vendor will be assigned an appropriate 10x10 or otherwise booth location.
  • You will need to bring your own tent, tables, and chairs as needed. In most cases, there will NOT be access to power. 
  • Expect additional information via email a month prior to the kick-off.

April 27 - Wood Motor Company - Jane

May 25 - Wood Motor Company - Jane

June 22 - Wood Motor Company - Jane

July 27 - Wood Motor Company - Jane

August 24 - Wood Motor Company - Jane

September 28 - Wood Motor Company - Jane

May 11 - Tall Pines Distillery - Pineville

June 8 - Murray Motel - Noel

July 13 - Honey Pops Restaurant - Anderson

August 10 - Noel, MO.

September 14 - Anderson, MO

October 12 - Pineville, MO

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