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Imago Training and Certification Application

Thank you for your interest in Imago Training and Certification! This application is for both the Imago Clinical and Imago Facilitator training. Both of these trainings are part of Certification in Imago. For a list of global trainings and the professional paths see the website: https://maureenbrine.com

Congratulations on beginning your Imago journey!

Imago Certified Relationship Therapists work in the mental health field such as an agency, EAP, or in private practice with couples, marriages, and other intimate relationships.

Imago Certified Professional Facilitators work in many different domains as Relationship and Communication Coaches, Teachers, Managers, Executives, Executive Coaches, Organizational Leaders, and Business Consultants.

Imago Educators work side-by-side with their partner, the Imago Certified Relationship Therapist, in presenting workshops or retreats.

Requirements for Certification

- Proof of license to practice psychotherapy if required by the state, province, or country (clinical certification only)

- Proof of membership in a recognized professional association.

- Insurance to practice mental health, and/or whatever your legal requirements are in your country, province or state.

- Complete Imago Basic Clinical Training.

- Attend a Getting the Love You Want Workshop for couples OR a Keeping The Love You Want Workshop for individuals.

- Complete six months of supervision following the Level 1 (12 days or equivalent class hours), presenting multiple recordings of your work with couples or clients.

- Assist at a Getting the Love You Want Workshop.

- Submit a passing video of a full clinical session working with clients in a committed romantic relationship along with your written evaluation of your work or complete a project as a Facilitator.

Note: Life partners need to each fill out their own application

If you are partnered with or married to a licensed mental health therapist or someone who has a profession of their own, you are encouraged to attend the trainings with your partner.

The Imago Clinical Training

My life partner and I are both licensed and are both applying to attend the Clinical Training together

The Imago Clinical Training and my life partner is attending the training to become an Imago Educator

The Imago Professional Facilitator Training (Coaching and Leadership Development)

My life partner and I are both doing the Imago Professional Facilitator Training

Please attach a CV or statement of your professional training and education: 

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Size limit: 10MB per file

Getting the Love You Want

Keeping the Love You Find

I have not attend either workshop, but I plan to attend one before Module 2

(Presenter, Month and Year)

I am pursuing or have a graduate degree in a related field (M.S.W., M.Div., etc.)

I am qualified to practice therapy in my country (not the US)

I am a member of a National Professional Organization with Accreditation Requirements that include Clinical and Supervised hours

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Certification Requirements

After completing Level One training, you may choose to become Imago Certified

Attend all of the Imago Clinical training days

Attended one 16-20-hour couple’s workshop (Getting the Love You Want™) or a workshop for Individuals (Keeping the Love You Find™)

Assist at a couples workshop led by a Certified Imago Workshop Presenter

Complete six hours of Imago Supervision completed over a six month period

Demonstrate your skills in a recording of your work with a couple that meets the requirements for an Imago Dialogue

Application attachments

You only need to attach items in this section if you plan to pursue certification after training

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Policy Agreement

Participation and Attendance Guidelines

Participation Commitment: To thrive in our program, participants must fully commit to their engagement. Enrolling in any Imago Level One course for therapists or facilitators implies a commitment to complete dedication. This entails active participation, punctual attendance, adherence to the code of conduct, and enthusiastic involvement in all course activities.

Attendance Requirements: To ensure certification training meets the required hours, consistent attendance is essential. In the event of emergencies or illness preventing attendance, participants must promptly inform their instructor. Absences may necessitate completing session materials, reviewing recordings, and, depending on content missed, fulfilling a makeup assignment.

For absences exceeding (16) hours, arrangements can be made with Maureen Brine for personalized coverage at the participant's expense or consideration for registration in another course. Missing over (2) hours of supervision/feedback/mentoring requires scheduling and payment for individual sessions to fulfill the necessary mentoring hours.

Petitions for policy exceptions are handled individually and must be submitted in writing to Maureen Brine.

Course Engagement Expectations: Our courses emphasize interaction and engagement. Participants are expected to actively participate in course activities, engage in dialogue with instructor Maureen Brine and peers, partake in small group activities to practice Imago facilitation skills, and complete experiential learning exercises. If unable to participate, participants should promptly inform Maureen.

Refer to the code of conduct for additional details.

Code of Conduct: Participants are required to maintain a professional demeanor during all sessions. This includes:

Punctual attendance

Full participation in all sessions, training days, and facilitation mentoring or therapy supervision

Camera engagement during online sessions

Preparedness, involvement in discussions and activities, responsibility for learning, and contribution to the learning of others

Honest and integral engagement in discussions

Respect for diversity, embracing inclusivity, and upholding the dignity and humanity of others

Partial Completion Policy: Maureen Brine may offer credit for partial completion of Level One hours based on curriculum hours and participation levels. For inquiries about receiving partial credit, contact Maureen within (30) days after the course, providing course details, credit hours sought, and any relevant information.

Payment/Fees Policy: Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Course registration is contingent on full payment or an approved payment plan with Maureen Brine.

Refund Policy: Course cancellations require a minimum of (10) business days' notice for a full refund minus any non-refundable deposit fees. Cancellations made less than (10) days before the course are not eligible for refunds. Written notices of cancellation are effective on the withdrawal date received by Maureen Brine. Refunds will be processed within (30) days following the receipt of cancellation or withdrawal requests.

Registration Modifications: Changes to registration, including participant substitutions or course date transfers, must be completed at least seven days before the program date. Participants can contact Maureen Brine for registration modifications, with changes subject to availability.

I agree to these policies

I would like someone to contact me about my questions related to these policies

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